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The GDPR is our passion. We truly love to dig deep into the matter, as long as it takes in order to discover what your organization exactly needs. No more, no less than strictly necessary.


Lean and agile. That is how we are organized to efficiently support your business. We listen, interpret, analyze and reflect together with your teams in a very hands-on way. 


Our customized approach allows immediate operational deployment of the results of our intervention. Trust us: you do not benefit from a pure theoretical implementation of the GDPR. Your organization will become and will stay compliant only when the regulation is adapted to your data protection strategy and your company culture.


Also change and team management are part of our core activity. Small or large teams, board or operations department level, we know how to handle them all. Clear communication is the key to ensure that everybody moves into the same direction.

Valeska Crab        Tel. +32 (0)475 532 581        Email. valeska@dpo4you.eu

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